Innovative, fun and emission-free electric scooter rental as an exciting activity for hotel guests!

Last month our SCOOTA team had the chance to interview the General Manager of U Sathorn Bangkok, Mr. Markus Schneider, along with Personal Operational Assistant to GM and Quality Assurance Manager Khun Jennifer about our partnership and what they think about SCOOTA.

U Sathorn is an oasis of tranquility ideally located in the heart of Bangkok, where natural beauty can be found alongside the hustle and bustle of Thailand’s capital city.
The partnership between SCOOTA and U Sathorn exists already since September 2018 when Markus trusted our innovative idea and implemented e-scooter rental services for his guests.

SCOOTA: Thank you Markus and Jennifer for having us. Given that we can now look back on more than 10 months of mutual partnership, we wanted to take the opportunity and ask you a few questions about your experience with our e-scooter rental service – also as an inspiration for other SCOOTA partners out there.

Markus: Sure, make yourself comfortable, we are happy to share a few insights.

SCOOTA: Great, let’s start. The first question would be: How do your guest perceive and react to the e-scooter rental offering at U Sathorn?

Markus: You have to differentiate a bit between the different types of guests. At the moment we see that especially our guests from Korea, Taiwan and China are very excited about the e-scooters. They are very open and curious to try them.

Jennifer: Our front office staff is even encouraging those guests who are more hesitant to give it a try and let them ride on the hotel premises first. The e-scooters are a good addition to our manual bicycles that we are also offering to our guests.

Markus: Actually, our guests are not nervous about riding the e-scooter itself, it is more the unknown condition of streets and sidewalks here in Bangkok. We are happy to share our experience and advise them on locations to explore in our neighborhood and beyond.

SCOOTA: What is the feedback of those guests that come back from an e-scooter journey here in Bangkok?

Jennifer: When the guests return the e-scooters at the front office they all look pleased and enjoyed the ride. Most of them said that it was easier and more fun as they expected.

Markus: I always tell the guests that they should remember their childhood. Most of them learned how to ride a push scooter way before riding a bicycle or driving a car. For some of them it is like travelling in time and being thrilled by an experience they remember from the past.

SCOOTA: Absolutely! So where do guests usually go when renting an e-scooter here at the hotel?

Markus: Many of our guests take the scooter for a ride around Sathorn and the Lumphini Park.

Jennifer: However, we also see several guests that fold the e-scooter and take it with them in the Taxi, MRT or BTS in order to go for sight seeing in the old town

Markus: There are many use cases and we are also thinking to encourage the guest to go on a tour to the close by “green lung of Bangkok” called Bang Krachao.

SCOOTA: Thank you very much for the interview. We appreciate your open feedback and wish you all the best!

When finishing our pleasant conversation with Markus and Jennifer, we were happy to see that just at this moment a family of five rented out our e-scooters in order to explore Bangkok. We are sure that the SCOOTA ride was a special travel memory for them!


SCOOTA riders @U Sathorn Bangkok