We are extremely excited and happy to announce that you can now conveniently rent one of our e-scooters via your smartphone and our SCOOTA mobile app. From now on it is possible to ride an e-scooter from as low as THB 2 per minute + THB 20 unlocking fee.

Our smart mobility solutions meet urban commuter’s demands and solving the first/ last mile problem. SCOOTA is founded on the idea to make urban mobility smart, resourceful and fun. We are led by the mission to make cities and communities in Southeast Asia more livable by reducing traffic, and carbon emissions.

E-scooters are already extremely popular in many cities across the globe, especially in the U.S., Europe, and Australia. We are now bringing this smart, sustainable and fun micro-mobility alternative to Thailand. We have recently started to roll-out our service in Bangkok’s Old Town. Visitors and commuters can now swing on an e-scooter and explore all the sightseeing spots, such as the The Grand Palace, Wat Pho, Wat Ratchaburana, Wat Phra Kaew, Flower Market, Thammasat University, Giant Swing, Golden Mountain Temple, Khaosan Road and many more. Our e-scooters are available at several SCOOTA Partner Stations located at highly frequented places. An updated list of stations can be seen in our mobile app.

If you are curious how easy it is to ride an e-scooter, just watch our video:

To sum up, just follow these simple five steps:

  1. Download the SCOOTA | Thailand app from the Apple Store or Google PlayStore
  2. Open the app and sign in
  3. Find a SCOOTA station
  4. Scan a QR code on a vehicle to unlock and start your ride
  5. Return the e-scooter to a station and end your ride

We would be very happy if we can welcome many of you as active and regular SCOOTA riders. Download our app, visit one of our SCOOTA stations and test our service! Let’s Ride. Now.