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SCOOTA gets you wherever you need to go – whether you’re commuting to work, going to class, running errands or exploring your city. Our electric scooters are fun, easy to ride and completely emission-free.

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Packages & Pricing


Ride as you go

Download our SCOOTA app and use our e-scooter ridesharing service in Bangkok.

JUST RIDE - Pay as you go
Unlocking fee: THB 20
Riding fee: THB 2 per minute

DAILY PASS - Unlimited rides for 24 hrs
Price: THB 299


Rent your own e-scooter

We also offer mid- to long-term rental of our e-scooters. All e-scooters come with a helmet, a charger, and a lock.

DAILY rental: THB 299.00
WEEKLY rental: THB 1,499.00
MONTHLY rental: THB 2,499.00

Pick-up the e-scooters at one of our partner stations, at our office or contact us for delivery.



Fun to ride

Ride the most up-to-date e-scooter fleet. They are easy to use, extremely fun and up to 25 km/h fast.



Find SCOOTA at highly frequented pick-up points in cities in Thailand. Pay via your preferred payment method.


Zero emission

SCOOTA contributes to making cities more livable by reducing traffic. All rides are entirely emission-free.

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About Us

SCOOTA’s mission is to make cities and communities more livable by reducing traffic, and carbon emissions.

SCOOTA is founded on the idea to make urban mobility smart, resourceful and fun.

We offer electric scooters to meet urban commuters’ demands and solving the first/last mile problem. With our e-scooters we get people wherever they need to go – whether its commuting to work, going to class, running errands, going to the beach or exploring the city.

SCOOTA is the leader of electric micro-mobility in Thailand. Our e-scooters are available for rent and ridesharing at selected locations in Thailand.

The company consists of highly motivated employees who are passionate and enthusiastic about urban mobility. We are headquartered in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand.

How It Works

With SCOOTA you won’t be stuck in traffic no more. Riding SCOOTA is easy, fast and fun.


1. Turn on & start.

To turn on the e-scooter, push the “onbutton” on the handle bar. Check the tire pressure, the brakes and lights before riding.


2. Push & ride.

Push kick the e-scooter for 1-2 times until it moves forward, push down the speed knob – and you are already riding. Please wear a safety helmet.


3. Enjoy & smile.

SCOOTA brings you wherever you need to go – to work or just to run errands. Please always ride responsible and safe. And enjoy the ride.

We have launched our SCOOTA ridesharing app which allows you to locate, start, and pay for your SCOOTA rides via our mobile app. Stay tuned and subscribe to get notified when we launch in your city. In case you have any questions, please get in touch with us.

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Convenient, fast and fun - that’s SCOOTA.


Alexander Felde

Co-Founder & Managing Director Foodpanda Thailand

It's hip, it's new and a lot of fun. My guests, my staff and myself are really enjoy riding SCOOTA.


Markus Schneider

General Manager U Sathorn Bangkok

Absolutely love it, it’s green, it’s cool, it’s fun. I actually believe this is a viable solution for Bangkok, forget riding a bike to the office, we (almost) all know it won’t happen.


Bi Ariya Banomyong

President at BEC WORLD

I love to explore the city with SCOOTA. It’s perfect for a stroll or running my day-to-day errands.


Nick Nolte

Mister International Thailand 2018

SCOOTA gives me much more time to relax before work than being stuck on Bangkok’s busy roads. It’s my favorite travel companion for quick and zippy trips.


Groove Wilson

Event Director & Artist

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the minimum age for riding your e-scooter?

Riders need to be at least 18 years old. In case rider is under 18 years old, the rider’s parents or guardian need to agree to be liable for the rider.

2. Do I need a license to ride your e-scooter?

You must not need a driving license to ride an e-scooter in Thailand.

3. How fast does the e-scooter go?

Our e-scooters reach a top speed of about 25 km/h which is about 5 times as fast as walking. In case you do not feel comfortable with that speed, you can limit the top speed to 16 km/h. We advise you to test and get comfortable with the e-scooter before you are riding top speed.

4. What is the battery reach of the e-scooter?

Our e-scooters can travel up to 25 km with a fully charged battery pack. Depending on the circumstances (speed, road conditions etc.) the distance can vary slightly. However, a fully charged e-scooter should last for your daily trip.

5. Where can I ride the e-scooter?

You can use the e-scooter on bike lanes and on the streets in Thailand. Try to avoid riding on sidewalks. Please always pay attention to pedestrians when crossing sidewalks

6. Can I use the e-scooter during rain?

Avoid riding in rain, as it can be dangerous and road obstruction may not be seen. The e-scooters are water-resistant (IP 54), not water-proof. In case it starts raining, please pause for a little while or return the escooter to the next station. Please always close the charging port after charging to avoid water and dirt to enter.

7. Can I take the e-scooter in public transportation, like BTS and MRT?

Absolutely, yes. You can either push it in the stations or fold it and carry it. Please do not ride the e-scooters in the BTS or MRT stations since it is not allowed.

8. What happens if I damage the e-scooter?

The rider is responsible to return the vehicle in the same condition than before. In case of damages, SCOOTA will assess and potentially charge the rider.

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